Past Conferences

2012 – ACMHN 38th International Conference

38th ConferenceThe Fabric of Life, reflects the historical, cultural and social significance of fabrics in the region, for Indigenous as well as non-Indigenous Australians and for people from across the Asia Pacific. Throughout the world and throughout history, fabric has had a defining place in society and cultural identity. It is both literally and figuratively part of every person’s life from the new born baby’s bunny rug to the funeral shroud.

Speakers and delegates are invited to consider the significance of mental health and mental health nursing in the construction of individual and social narratives as they relate to the theme…there are so many connections to explore here e.g. how we weave person centred care into our work; the detailed tapestry that is mental health, physical health and wellbeing; exploration of the patterns of life in our work with people who are vulnerable… The Darwin committee believe that our theme will provide opportunity for speakers to address a wide range of mental health issues.

Even in our modern world, where we often lose touch with the origins and manufacture of materials, the English language is rich in phrases and metaphors drawn from the world of fabric. We catch shuttle services as we commute to and from work. We’re on tenterhooks to cotton on to the latest on the web – we’re wrapt in it! We may be dyed-in-the-wool optimists, but we all know a thing or two about the seamy side of life – and it’s all part of life’s rich tapestry. Networking is a big part of our working lives, too. Sometimes we lose the thread and our thoughts go wool-gathering; but whatever the situation a mental health nurse can always spin a good yarn!

2011 – ACMHN 37th International Conference

Swimming between the Flags

“Ever wondered who decides where the flags should be positioned? Ever contemplated the safety of swimming just outside the flags? Ever decided to swim at the other end of the beach and ignore the flags altogether? Ever seen a rip swirling in close, creating havoc in seemingly safe waters?

The imagery of the beach speaks to so much of what we love about Australia. It also provides a rich metaphor for our role as mental health nurses. The theme of this conference,  “Mental Health Nurses:  Swimming between the flags?” promises participants an exciting  opportunity to contemplate and discover how mental health nurses from around the world are interpreting and responding to changing conditions in education, practice, research and management.

Mental health nurses are increasingly pushing the boundaries of their traditional scope of practice. Regardless of your role or the context in which practice, you will be challenged to respond to changing conditions in line with a changing world. As lifesavers, sitting on the beach amidst the sandcastles and cricket matches, with the binoculars trained on choppy waters watching for trouble – how do you prepare yourself to respond to the shifting ‘flags’ in the broader field of mental health care? As a profession, how do we support people when rips and dumpers develop between the flags?

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2010 – ACMHN 36th International Conference Hobart

‘Row with a team, or paddle alone’

2010 logoThe Tasmanian host committee, led by Cecily Pollard, did a magnificent job of organising the 36th International Mental Health Nursing Conference. This year, the College conference, held from 31st August – 2nd September 2010 at the Hotel Grand Chancellor, in Hobart, attracted 485 participants and a record attendance at the Oration & Invesitutre (over 300 attendees!).

The Inaugural Research Symposium attracted a small but celubrious crowd and the pre-conference workshops were very well attended.

Keynote speakers included Dr Kerry-Reid Searl, Professor Patrick McGorry, Professor Richard Gray, Ms Louise Byrne, Dr Richard Seidler, Mr Alan Hainsworth and Mr Timothy Wand – podcasts of their presentations and the powerpoint will be available here soon!

The Oration was delivered by the Social Inclusion Commissioner for Tasmania Profesor David Adams and we held two important launch events – the ACMHN Standards of Practice for Mental Health Nurses 2010 and the ACMHN Scope of Practice Project.

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